ECU Remapping

ECU remapping is carried out on a vehicle to improve its performance and economy.

It’s sometimes called ECU tuning, and involves overwriting the ECU software installed by the manufacturer and essentially reprogramming the “settings” for fuel injection, airflow etc. The new software can be tweaked and tested to improve these key areas of a vehicle’s performance and fuel consumption. Onyx Autocentre have a dyno/rolling road for this purpose, and technicians skilled in the art of ECU remapping, carrying out this procedure for customers all over the Slough area.

ECU remapping done correctly can improve the responsiveness of your vehicle as well as its speed and power (always within legal limitations). Ultimately how you drive your remapped car or van will determine how effective any remapping done will be.

Onyx Autocentre in Slough have earned a stellar reputation over many years for their ECU remapping capabilities, and customers bring their vehicles to us from far and wide to improve their driving experience.

A popular and well-respected independent garage in Slough, Onyx Autocentre caters for all your vehicle repair and servicing needs.

To find out more about ECU Remapping in Slough, contact us online or call us directly on 01753 439115

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