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Professional Alloy Wheel Refurbishment & Repairs in Slough

Alloy refurbishment is the repair and refinishing of alloy wheels that may be chipped or dented after an accident, from curb-side damage, or maybe from loose chippings on the road. Onyx Autocentre are respected alloy wheel repair and refurbishment professionals based in Slough, carrying out this kind of work for both trade and retail customers. We’re passionate about alloy wheels and fully understand their value; not just their aesthetic value, but how much a set of alloy wheels cost – they’re expensive to replace.

There are different methods of alloy wheel refurbishment and the method used depends very much on the type of alloy wheels your vehicle has, and the kind of damage done. Our team of alloy wheel experts at Onyx Autocentre can weld cracked wheels, powder coat alloy wheels, and we have a diamond-cutting machine. Many modern cars come with diamond-cut alloys as standard, and these should only be repaired by a professional, so contact us at Onyx Autocentre to discuss your requirements or to book an appointment.

Below is a summary of some of the services that we provide but to find out more about our professional alloy wheel repairs and refurbs, head over to our dedicated website at


Alloy Wheel Refurbishments at Onyx Autocentre

Colour Change

Perhaps you didn’t buy your car or van new from the showroom and therefore had no choice about the alloy wheels. Feel like they could look better? Simple – use our colour change services to enhance or change the colour of your alloy wheels to suit your taste, improve the look of your vehicle, and show off your personal style.

Diamond Cutting

Onyx Autocentre offers diamond cutting in-house at our advanced facility in Slough, Berkshire. Diamond-cutting an alloy wheel involves a lathe with a synthetic diamond tip, which is used to create a completely new surface on the front face of the alloy wheel. It is not a suitable process for touching up damage to your alloy wheel, but achieves a beautiful, showroom, finish when refurbishing a full alloy wheel face.

As this process removes a wafer-thin layer of metal from the face of the alloy wheel, it cannot be carried out repeatedly. If you are unsure if your alloy wheel(s) have been diamond-cut before, or are suitable for this refurbishment process, please get in touch, and we’ll gladly inspect your alloy wheels and advise accordingly without obligation.

Powder Coating

The powder coating process involves spraying the surface of your alloy wheel(s) with a dry powder comprising pigments, resin, curing additives, levelling agents, and flow modifiers. This powder then adheres to the electrostatically-charged surface and is then heat-cured in a specialist kiln or oven. The powder-coated surface is then sprayed with a laquer to protect against light damage, such as UV damage, scratches, chips, and pollution.

Powder coating alloy wheels can be carried out after diamond-cutting or as a stand-alone process, and allows for complete colour changes if desired.

Trade Work

If you are a repair centre or car dealer, you can trust our team to get a quality job done for your customer, quickly and efficiently.

Please remember:  the above processes require alloy wheels to be removed from the vehicle. When the work is complete and the wheels are put back on, they must be balanced as a minimum, properly aligned if possible.

Quality Guarantee

So confident are we of the quality of our work that we give a warranty with every refurbishment – your guarantee of a great and long-lasting finish.

We’ll need to see your alloys and assess the damage before we can give you a price. Give us a call on 01753 439115, or just pop into our workshop in Slough. Our friendly, experienced team will be happy to help. How long the repairs take will depend on the size and condition of the alloys and the level of finish that you require. You can drive your car as soon as we have completed the repair but we do advise you to leave it for a few hours to settle if you can.

A popular and well-respected independent garage in Slough, Onyx Autocentre caters for all your vehicle repair and servicing needs.

To find out more about Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Slough, contact us online or call us directly on 01753 439115

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