Dyno Testing

Our Rolling Road Dyno at our workshop in Slough is the most accurate way to determine what power your engine is producing.

It tests the performance of your engine by measuring horsepower and torque and it’s a great tool for data logging and diagnostics, enabling our team to help you reduce emissions, regain performance, and restore MPG.

How does dyno testing at Onyx Autocentre work?

We start by securing your car on the rolling road so that the wheels are properly aligned and properly secured. Then we attach sensors to the car’s engine and to other components and these sensors will receive data from the car.

During the test, the car’s engine is revved while the vehicle is stationary, and this simulates driving conditions. The dyno absorbs the power that’s created and measures it accurately to give us insights into a vehicle’s performance and potential areas for improvement. It can also be used to compare different modifications, such as engine upgrades, exhaust systems, or tuning changes, to determine their impact on performance.

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